The Easy Alternative Medicine Garden Kit - Put a Natural Pharmacy in Your Backyard!

The Easy Alternative Medicine Garden Kit - Putting a Natural Pharmacy in the Backyard!

The Easy Alternative Medicine Garden Kit was created to empower individuals to take control of their health. The kit provides everything needed to establish a medicinal garden in the backyard, allowing easy access to various remedies. This becomes particularly valuable during times of crisis when traditional pharmacies may not be readily available.

Imagine the pleasure of stepping into the backyard and being greeted by a vibrant and aromatic medicinal garden, filled with plants like lavender and chamomile. Each plant in this garden serves a specific purpose and can be used to create personalized remedies.

The Medicinal Garden Kit contains a curated selection of premium quality seeds for 10 different herbs. These seeds have been carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality plants. In addition to the seed kit, a complimentary Medicinal Guide is included, providing detailed instructions on how to transform these herbs into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, and essential oils. Even those with no prior experience in herbal medicine can confidently follow the guide.

The 10 Medicinal Plants Found in the Backyard:

Chicory – A Painkilling Plant for Backyard Cultivation

Chicory, a favored plant among Native Americans, possesses natural painkilling properties. Its roots contain chicoric acid (CA), a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic compound without addictive properties. Having a patch of chicory in the backyard provides a reliable source of relief, especially for stiff and achy joints.

Quick Backyard Remedy

Add 1 tablespoon of ground chicory root to coffee or tea for its prebiotic and natural laxative effects, aiding digestion and regulating bowel movements.

Garden Uses

Chicory serves as an excellent soil builder, enriching the garden with nutrients. Its long taproot draws nutrients from deep within the soil and redistributes them upon decomposition.

Recipes Included in the Backyard Remedy Garden Brochure

Chicory Salve for Pain Relief, Chicory Coffee for Digestion, Decoction for Adrenal Fatigue, Chicory Infusion for Sinus Relief, Anti-Fungal Poultice, Liver Protection Tincture

Yarrow – Your Backyard Wound Healer from the Natural Pharmaceutical Garden

Yarrow offers a quick and reliable solution for stopping bleeding and preventing infection. Its application saved the author's knuckle from infection during a wilderness survival experience. A yarrow tincture also acts as an effective natural repellent against mosquitoes and other insects when applied topically.

Quick Backyard Remedy from Your Medicine Garden

Chewing on a fresh yarrow leaf provides numbing relief for toothaches.

Garden Uses

The beautiful yarrow flowers attract beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs, which help control aphids and other pests, while also aiding in pollination.

Backyard Garden Recipes Included in the Brochure

Infused Yarrow Oil for Swelling and Varicose Veins, Stop Bleeding Poultice, Yarrow Tincture for Burns, Cuts, Bruises, and Insect Bites, Yarrow Salve for Old Scars, Yarrow Elixir for Menstrual Cramps and Heartburn, Yarrow Tea for Digestive Upsets

California Poppy – A Natural Sleep Aid

California poppy promotes restorative and deep sleep similar to the kind experienced in childhood. It offers an alternative to prescription sleeping pills, which can be addictive. The plant can be used to create a Sleep Tea, aiding in a peaceful night's sleep. For more severe cases of insomnia or PTSD, a concentrated sleep tincture can be made from California poppy.

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